M. Darwish (1st son)

M. Darwish (1st son)



Director, Community of Research (CoRe), Management Science (MS), Office of Community of Research (CoRe), Bangunan Wawasan, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
40450 Shah Alam, Selangor, MALAYSIA
E-mail: zaidiuitm2000@yahoo.com
H/P: 6012-686 0035



Professor Dr Norzaidi bin Haji Mohd Daud, PhD

H/P: 6 012-6860035 EMAIL: zaidiuitm2000@yahoo.com


Director, Community of Research (CoRe), Management Science (MS), UiTM

Chair, Publication, Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School (AAGBS), UiTM

Chair, Top Business School, Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School (AAGBS), UiTM


Visiting Professor at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Head, IT Support, Research Management Institute (RMI), UiTM

Head, Publication and Corporate Communication, Malaysia Institute of Transport (MiTRANS)-HiCoE

Head of Integrated Information and Publication Centre, Institute of Business Excellence (IBE)


Recently, he has published 7 books and over 100 articles in ISI WOS/WOK, SCOPUS, ERA journal outlets as well as conference proceedings.


2 International Best Paper Awards (Germany and Czech Republic),

More than 70 innovation awards (Geneve, Brussels, Pittsburg, Seoul, ITEX, MTE, IPTA Expo, PECIPTA, i-INVEX, IID, BIID etc.)

UiTM Best Speaker Award 2013

UiTM Leading Researcher by Example Award 2007

Potential to Commercialise Award 2005

UiTM Outstanding Club & Society Advisor Award 2002

Listed in Malaysia Who's Who 2013/2014

Listed in AcademicKeys Who's Who 2013


Chief Jury-Konvensyen Inovasi dan Kreativiti (KIK), Prime Minister Department/Jabatan Perdana Menteri (JPM)

Chief Jury, Innovation Award (AIJPM), Prime Minister Department/Jabatan Perdana Menteri (JPM)

Chief Jury-Invention and Innovation Competition, Ministry of Home Affairs/Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN)

Jury, Konvensyen Inovatif dan Kreatif (KIK), Ministry of Education

Chief Jury, International Syariah Compliance Idea, Invention, Innovation and Design Expo 2014

Chief Jury, Business, Invention, Innovation and Design (IID)

Chief Jury, National MyccSkills, College Community, Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi, 2016

Jury, Inclusive Invention and Innovation Challenge 2015, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)

Jury, KIK, Felda 2015

Jury, Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), Invention and Innovation Challenge 2015

Expert Jury, MARA TEx-Yayaysan Inovasi Malaysia 2016

Expert Jury, Cabaran Inovasi Johor, 2016

Innovation Honorary Speaker, Ministry of Human Resource/Kementerian Sumber Manusia.


Founder and Editor in Chief, International Journal of Applied Business Research (IJABR)

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Business and Management Quarterly Review (BMQR)

Founder and Editor in Chief, International Journal of Undergraduates Studies (IJUS)

Founder and former Editor in Chief, Journal of Transport and Logistics

Former Executive Editor, Journal of Business and Financial Affairs

Advisory Board, E-Malaysia Nuclear Agency Journal

Editorial board/review board (1) World Applied Sciences Journal (2) African Journal of Business Management (3) ASLIB Proceedings: New Information Perspective (4) Learning and Individual Differences (5) Journal of Sustainability Science and Management (6) World Review of Inter-modal Transportation Research (7) International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management (8) Journal of Computer Information Systems (9) International Journal of Distance Education Technologies (10) Journal of Managerial Issues (11) Jurnal Teknologi (12) Information Technology Journal (13) TEM Journal (14) International Journal of Public Administration (15) Journal of International Business and Entrepreneurship (16) Journal of Quality Measurement and Analysis (17) Jurnal Academia (18) International Journal of Library and Information Science (19) Journal of Media and Communication Studies (20) International Journal of Modelling Operations Management (21) International Journal of Psychology and Counselling (22) Journal of Economics and International Finance (23) International Journal of Vocational and Technical Education (24) International Research of Management and Business Studies (25) International Research Journal (26) Journal of Finance, Accounting and Management (27) International Journal of Business Systems Research (28) Asian Academy of Management Journal (29) International Academy of Business and Economics (30) Scientific Journals International (31) Journal of Software (32) Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge and Management (33) International Journal of Doctorial Studies (34) Journal of Information, Information Technology and Organizations (35) International Journal of Scientific Research in Education (36) International Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society (37) COMPASS (39) Jurnal Gading (40) Journal of Administrative Science (41) Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal (42) Journal of Global Business Administration (43) Industrial Management and Data Systems (44) Information Technology and People (45) KII Transaction on Internet and Information Systems.


His books and articles are subscribed by Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Yale University, USA; Cornell University, USA, University of California, Berkeley, USA; University of Massachusetts, , USA, Vanderbilt University, USA, McGill University, Canada, National University of Singapore, Ministry of Education Malaysia Library, National Library Board of Singapore, Library and Archives Canada, National Library of Malaysia, National Library of Australia, Ohio University, USA, International Islamic University, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Malaya, Universiti Darul Iman, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Monash University Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Universiti Sains Malaysia and Selangor International Islamic University College.


Harvard University, MA, (2010 and 2013), USA as well as Cambridge Conference on Business & Economics (2012) at Cambridge University, UK and 50 others conferences


Primary Interests: Management and Business, Strategic Management, Halal Studies, Information Technology, Banking Operations, Research Methodology and Transportation (Maritime)


Structural equation modelling (SEM) using AMOS, publishing article in ISI/SCOPUS listed journals, SPSS and research methodology (postgraduate level), and innovation


Queensland University of Technology (QUT) (Australia), (Doctor in Information Technology)

Annamalai University (India), (PhD Management)

Universiti Malaya (UM), (PhD Management)

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), (PhD Mathematics)

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), (PhD Accountancy; Doctor of Business Administration)

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), (PhD Management and Entrepreneurship)

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), (Phd Management)

SEGI University (PhD Management and Doctor of Business Administration)


Prime Minister Department/Jabatan Perdana Menteri

Ministry of Human Resource/Kementerian Sumber Manusia

Ministry of Education/Kementerian Pelajaran

Malaysia Nuclear Agency/Agensi Nuklear Malaysia

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTEM)

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Universiti Selangor (UNISEL)

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI)

Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP)

Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah (USAS)

Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)

International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA)

Kolej Poly-Tech MARA

Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Darulaman, Kedah

Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Perempuan Melayu, Melaka

Department of Safety and Health (DOSH)

Nilai University

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Community College, Bandar Penawar

Publication by Category


+The impact of religious sensitivity on brand trust, equity and values fast food industry in Malaysia, Business Strategy Series
+Identifying the determinant attributes of Halal cosmetics product that influence its positioning strategy in Malaysian market, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+Examining critical success factors of consumers' attitude towards nutritional labelling of SMEs products in Malaysia, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+The influence of market orientation on the commitment-trust model and relational norms: empirical evidence at higher institution in Malaysia, African Journal of Business Management
+Application of important-performance analysis (IPA) to formulate customer satisfaction strategies in the direct sales industry in Malaysia, Business Strategy Series
+Examining market accessibility of Malaysian's harumanis mango in Japan: Challenges and potentials, Business Strategy Series


+Determining critical success factors of oral cancer susceptibility prediction using fuzzy models in Malaysia's health sector, Sains Malaysiana
+Effectiveness of the extended mean-variance model using fuzzy approach for portfolio selection in Malaysian stock market, Business & Management Quarterly Review
+The use of artificial intelligence to identify people at risk of oral cancer, International Journal of Scientific Research in Education
+Portfolio diversification: the role of information technologies in future investment decision making, International Journal of Electronic Finance
+The effect of addition and deletion of shariah-compliant securities in Bursa Malaysia, Advances in Business and Management

Management information systems/transportation studies

+Determining critical success factors of mobile commerce usage in higher learning institution in Malaysia, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+Revisiting information system models in the context of technology usage and technology resistance, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+Customer's perception towards information security in internet banking system in Malaysia, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+Determining critical success factors of mobile banking adoption in Malaysia, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+Evaluating the post-intranet usage: empirical study in Malaysian port industry, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+The indirect effects of intranet functionalities on middle manager's performance, Kybernetes
+Investigating the relationships of users' behavior and internal security threat towards the implementation of total health system (THIS) in Malaysian medical institutions, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+Examining the impact of intranet usage on managerial performance at Malaysia port industry, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science
+Evaluating the intranet acceptance with the extended task-technology fit model: empircal evidence in Malaysian maritime industry, International Journal of Arts and Sciences
+The impact of intranet on managers and their work: an empirical study in the Malaysian port industry, Journal of International Business and Entrepreneurship
+Towards a holistic model in investigating the effects of intranet usage on managerial performance: a study on Malaysian port industry, Maritime Policy and Management
+Evaluating technology resistance and technology satisfaction on students' performance, Campus-Wide Information Systems
+ Factor determining organizational commitment on security controls in accounting-based information systems, International Journal of Services and Standards
+Intranet usage, user satisfaction and managerial performance: a cause and effect investigation, International Journal of Business and Systems Research
+E-commerce usage and business performance in the Malaysian tourism sector, Information Management and Computer Security
+A study of intranet usage and resistance in Malaysia's port industry, Journal of Computer Information Systems
+Perceived resistance, user resistance and manager's performance, Aslib Proc.
+ Intranet usage and managers' performance in the port industry, Industrial Management & Data Systems


+The relationship between student's absorptive capacity and motivation on knowledge transfer in Malaysian Community Colleges, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+Modelling education tourism using gravity model in Malaysian public higher education institutions, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+Determining mediating effect of information satisfaction on international student's college choice: empirical evidence in Malaysia's university, International Journal of Scientific Research in Education
+Stress and academic performance: empirical evidence from university students, Academy of Educational Leadership Journal
+Determining world class university from the evaluation of service quality and students satisfaction level: an empirical study in Malaysia, International Journal of Scientific Research in Education
+The impact of perceived stress and stress factors on academic performance of pre-science students: empirical evidence from the Malaysian university, International Journal of Scientific Research in Education
+Strategic alignment of strategies information system planning (SISP) success: an exploratory study in public universities in Malaysia, International Journal of Scientific Research in Education
+Pengurusan harta wakaf dan potensinya ke arah kemajuan pendidikan Islam di Malaysia, Jurnal Pengurusan Jawhar
+ The effect of student's background and attitudes on computer skills in Malaysia, International Journal of Management in Education
+Perception of distance learning (EPJJ) students toward the service quality offered by the continuing education programme: a case study at higher education institution in Malaysia, Distance Education


+Investigating the behavior of the mark-up of price over marginal cost under different business cycle situation: empirical study in Malaysia manufacturing industry, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+Total Factor productivity growth in the small size Malaysian manufacturing industry: prinal and dual approaches, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+The impact of international trade on price mark-up in Malaysian manufacturing industries, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences


+Realism with the triangulation techniques: the effective methods for social science research, International Journal of Scientific Research in Education

Human Resource Management/Management/Insurance/Business

+The relationship between human resource management and knowledge-based economy in Malaysian multimedia super corridor (MSC) status companies, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+The moderating effect of neuroticism on the relationship between emotional intelligence and job performance, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
+Adverse selection and its consequences on medical and health insurance and takaful in Malaysia, Humanomics
+The globalization of film business and its effect on the Malaysian film industry, Business Strategy Series
+Expectations and perceptions of tourists on the service quality in Malaysian tourism industry, Global Business and Management Research
+The effect of human resource practices in building learning organizations: evidence from Malaysian manufacturing firms, International Journal of Innovation and Learning
+The evaluation of customer satisfaction on delivery by post offices in Malaysia: a service quality and service features perspective, Advances in Business and Management
+Service quality in two and three star hotels: empirical evidence in the Malaysian hotel industry, Advances in Business and Management
+Determining critical success factors of job satisfaction among government servants: empirical evidence in Malaysia, Advances in Business and Management

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thomson Reuter update: What is an Eigenfactor?

Anyone browsing the Thomson Reuters (ISI) website recently will have noticed a few new statistics on its indexed journals, including something called an Eigenfactor.
What on earth is an Eigenfactor?
Since February, ISI has started to include three new metrics in its Journal Citation Reports (JCR) pages alongside its better know Impact Factor. The Eigenfactor is a figure that purports to measure the impact of research an article/journal/author as part of the "bogy of knowledge" as a whole, hence the slightly strage-looking figures that include several decimal places. Related to this and also included by ISI is the Article Influence score, which is designed to give a similar sort of measure of the Impact Factor.
The third new metric is the addition of a Five Year Impact Factor, which extends Impact Factor from two years of citations to five years. The two year window has been much criticised, and the extended window is an attempt by ISI to modify the critics by allowing researchers to view a longer term of research impact.
Source: Emerald Global E-zine

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Geneve, Switzerland

Bonjour! InsyaAllah, kami seramai 17 orang akan berlepas ke Geneve, Switzerland pada malam 29 Mac 2009. Transit kami ialah di Paris, Perancis. Agak teruja kerana kali terakhir saya berada di kota romantik itu adalah pada 1997. Walaupun kali ini hanya transit seketika, setidak-tidaknya dapat melihat perubahan yang berlaku. Selepas itu kami akan bertolak dengan pesawat Air France terus ke Geneve. Pertandingan di Geneve mengambil masa agak lama, iaitu kira-kira 6 hari. InsyaAllah kami akan berkampung di Hotel Warwick, Geneve selama 6 malam. Saya berdoa agar perjalanan kami selamat pergi dan balik. Semoga UiTM beroleh kejayaan cemerlang di Geneve 2009. Merci...(keh...keh...tima kasih)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

CSSR 2009

AlhamduLillah, CSSR telah selamat dilangsungkan pada 13-15 Mac 2009 yang lepas. Kedua-dua keynotes speakers Prof. Binshan dan Prof KJ sememangnya tidak lokek ilmu, malah sanggup berkongsi pengalaman dan tunjuk ajar bagaimana untuk menjadi seorang penyelidik, dan penulis artikel yang berjaya. Kenangan yang paling indah bila semua AJK dan VIP pakai koboi semasa malam anugerah. Tahniah kepada isteri yang tersayang, Intan Salwani (Penyelidik Harapan UiTM) dan Sdr. Hisham (kertas terbaik).

Monday, March 16, 2009

Paper Accepted for Publication

Petang ini saya baru sampai dari Melaka, CSSR 2009. Walau 3 hari tak tengok e-mail rasanya tak sempurna. Tup-tup bila buka e-mail, saya dapat message daripada editorial in chief International Journal of Scientific Research in Education (IJSRE), menyatakan bahawa artikel saya diterima untuk penerbitan. AlhamduLillah. Kerja keras selama ini nampaknya berbaloi. Dikesempatan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada rakan-rakan penulis; Kak Zah Aris, Kak Rafidah Kamarudin, Intan Salwani, Dr. Eddy Chong dan Noraini Ibrahim. Teruskan menulis! Semoga UiTM berjaya menjadi RU pada tahun ini.

Congrats! Intan

AlhamduLillah and Congrats to Intan Salwani Mohamed for winning a prestige award "Penyelidik Harapan UiTM" at Conference for Scientific and Social Sciences, A' Farmosa, Melaka, 14-15 March 2009.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Syarat Menjadi Research University-Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) tidak diambilkira?

Untuk menjadi Research University/Universiti Penyelidikan, perlu ada beberapa syarat. Di antaranya penerbitan artikel dalam jurnal berimpak tinggi, penulisan buku, anugerah antarabangsa dan tahap pendidikan pensyarah. Ada satu syarat penting daripada MOHE menyatakan bahawa pensyarah yang mempunyai Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Education (DE) etc. TIDAK diambilkira sebagai salah satu kriteria pengiraan mata bagi kelayakan pendidikan tertinggi bagi Research University kerana program ini tidak sepenuhnya "research" sebagaimana program PhD.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Penubuhan SIG Management & Business

AlhamduLillah SIG Management & Business telah dilancar dan halaman blognya di http://sigmis.blogspot.com. Pada mulanya saya bercadang supaya kumpulan penyelidikan ini hanya tertumpu pada management information systems (MIS), tetapi oleh kerana terdapat rakan yang mempunyai latarbelakang yang multi-discipline, maka saya mengubahnya pada SIG management & Business, di mana bidangnya lebih meluas. InsyaAllah, setelah SIG ini kukuh saya akan membahagikannya mengikut discipline masing-masing. Aktiviti SIG ini akan tertumpu pada hasil penyelidikan iaitu penerbitan artikel dalam jurnal berimpak tinggi (SCOPUS dan Thomson ISI Reuters), penerbitan buku teks/rujukan utama, kertas kajian di konferen antarabangsa dan inovasi. Kepada yang telah menyertai SIG ini saya mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih di atas sokongan yang anda berikan. Pada tahun ini, SIG mensasarkan 1 penerbitan dalam jurnal berimpak tinggi, 2 penerbitan dalan jurnal antarabangsa, 1 buku, 2 inovasi dan 2 kertas kajian antarabangsa, InsyaAllah!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keynotes Speaker CSSR 2009

Prof. Binshan Lin

Prof. Kamarulzaman Jusoff

Prof. Dr. Binshan Lin (Louisiana State University)

Dr. Binshan Lin is the BellSouth Corporation Professor at College of Business Administration, Louisiana State University in Shreveport. He received his Ph.D. from the Louisiana State University in 1988. He is an eight-time recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Award at LSUS. Dr. Lin receives the Computer Educator of the Year by the International Association for Computer Information Systems (IACIS) in 2005, Ben Bauman Award for Excellence in IACIS 2003, Distinguished Service Award at the Southwest Decision Sciences Institute (SWDSI) in 2007, SWDSI Outstanding Educator Award in 2004, and Emerald Literati Club Awards for Excellence in 2003. He has published over 180 articles in refereed journals since 1988. Dr. Lin currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of Industrial Management & Data Systems, Acting Editor of Information Management & Computer Security, and Editor-in-Chief of other four academic journals. Dr. Lin serves as President of Southwest Decision Sciences Institute (2004-2005), President of Association for Chinese Management Educators (2003-2004), President of International Chinese Information Systems Association (2000), Program Chair of IACIS Pacific 2005 Conference in Taipei, Taiwan, Program Chair of Management International Conference (MIC) 2006 in Slovenia, General Chair of MIC 2007 in Slovenia, MIC 2008 in Spain, and MIC 2009 in Tunisia. Professor Lin also serves as the Program Chair of Technology Innovation & Industrial Management (TIIM) 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, he serves as a Vice President (2007-2009) of Decision Sciences Institute (DSI).

Prof. Dr. Hj. Kamaruzaman Jusoff (Universiti Putra Malaysia)

Dr. Hj Kamaruzaman Jusoff is a senior professor (Grade VK6/B) of forest engineering survey from Universiti Putra Malaysia. A prolific academician in his own specialised field in remote sensing , contributing numerous writings in high impact and CI journals; Professor Kamaruzaman's brainchild hyperspectral imaging system has been responsible in search-and-rescue efforts in the country aircraft mishaps, the latest being the Genting Sempah-TUDM crash. He has been lecturing and delivering Keynote Papers at local and international levels, Honor Chairs for International Conferences, Advisory Board Member for International and Professional Associations of Computers & Engineering, Editorial Board Member and Executive Editor of International Citation Index Journals/Impact Factor journals, and Technical Advisor besides being involved in the country's million ringgit acquisition for research, innovation and commercialisation initiatives. He is the first Malaysian academic conferred the Eramus Mundus accolade for 2006/2007 as a Visiting Scholar//Professor with ITC, The Netherlands, Lund University, Sweden, University of Warsaw, Poland and University of Southampton, UK, a Visiting Scientist with Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Engineering in Katsura Campus, Japan and a Visiting Professor with Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_myX4pcjBkU8/RupnAGFW4bI/AAAAAAAAADg/2-Z6ZPQoGX0/s400/jabat%2Btangan.jpg
Syukur kerana saya masih ada rakan-rakan yang sanggup berhujan panas bersama. Tak ramai yang sanggup berbuat demikian. Walaubagaimanapun, sudah ada rakan yang dahulu sememangnya rapat, tapi sekarang ini tidak lagi sedemikian. Kenapa? Cemburu atau kita telah melakukan kesilapan...tanpa disedari. Oleh itu, jika ada rakan-rakan yang terkecil hati, saya memohon kemaafan, sebab saya tahu diri ini tidak sempurna. Kepada rakan-rakan yang baru ditabalkan pensyarah kanan (Ros Hasri Ahmad, Basaruddin Shah Basri, Syaidatul Zarina Mat Din, Shamsul Azreen, Norlida Jaafar, Zarina Abdul Munir, Azimah Daud, Emi Normalina, Afiza Azura, Nazura Mohamed Sayuti, Noor Rita etc.) saya ucapkan tahniah, semoga terus cemerlang. AlhamduLillah...Hari ini saya bersyukur kerana dapat contact kenalan lama, Sdr. Sudin Lada (sekarang pensyarah UMS Labuan), dah 18 tahun berpisah!