Business & Management Quarterly Review-International Recognitions

AlhamduLillah, Business & Management Quarterly Review (BMQR) telah menerima pencalonan dan diterima sebagai jurnal dalam jurnal elit Danish Registrer (Harvard Business Review juga tersenarai). Terima kasih kepada Dr Aminu kerana mencalonkan BMQR.

Dear Professor Norzaidi,

This is to inform you that based on my nomination last year, Business & Management Quarterly Review has been added to the 2011 Danish register of scientific journals (, which is an important data base managed by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. I have also nominated it for the Norwegian register of scientific journals ( Publication in journals from these registers is highly recommended by most Universities in the Scandinavia countries.

Best regards

Mohammed-Aminu Sanda, PhD
Division of Human Work Sciences/Industrial Work Environment,
Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences
LuleƄ University of Technology
SE 971 87, LuleƄ,


liyana said…
congrats Dr on the recognition and congrats on the new baby. he is super duper cute :)
thank you for the greetings
Lorraine Nolan said…
there is nothing else to say but.. congratulations!
i bet you've done a hell of a job there, i wish you luck in the future
Nolan, a part of the free image editor team
aven peter said…
congratulations! Dr Norzaidi.

vob for mac avi

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