Call for Papers: International Journal of Electronic Finance

International Journal of Electronic Finance (IJEF)

The International Journal of Electronic Finance (IJEF, ISSN 1746-0079 Print; ISSN 1746-0077 Online;, published in four printed issues per year, is a unique and innovative publication in electronic finance area. The IJEF fosters multidisciplinary discusses and research on the emerging and fast growing topic of electronic finance.

As the IJEF is entering 3rd year of publication, the IJEF is moving fast towards higher publication standards.

· The IJEF is listed in the Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management (, and is accepted in many universities for credit towards tenure and promotion.
· We have also taken important steps toward reaching global readership, including applying for inclusion in SCI indexing.
· The H-Index (based on Harzing’s Publish or Perish software) of the IJEF during 2006-2008 is 6. On average, cites per paper during 2006-2008 = 2.93.
· The IJEF is also included as an IS journal in the ISWorld Publications Page at
· Additionally, the IJEF is listed as an IS journal in the Index of Information Systems Journal at
· The IJEF maintains a rapid electronic submission, review and publication process. The double-blind review process takes on average 6-8 weeks. Currently the acceptance rate is approximately 21%.

The following areas are particularly suitable (but are not limited to):
*Applications of AI in Finance *Automated Purchasing
*Balanced Scorecard and e-Finance
*Biometrics in Banking *Computerized Automated Trading Systems
*Computational Finance and Business Intelligence
*Consumer Value Creation in Mobile Banking Services
*Coordination in E-Finance *Cultural, Social and Political Issues in E-Finance
*Customer Channel Management in E-Finance
*Data Mining and Data Warehousing in Financial Institutes
*Digitization in Financial Supply Chains
*E-Auditing *E-Banking Practices and Applications
*E-Cash Flow in SCM *EDI and Financial EDI
*E-Finance for Banking Strategy *E-Finance Impacts on Market
*E-Finance in SMEs *E-Finance Performance Measurement
*E-Finance Process Models *E-Finance Workflows Management
*E-Finance: Privacy and Trust *E-Finance: The Electronic Revolution
*E-Government Auditing and Security
*E-Lending *E-Payment Strategy and Implementation
*E-Procurement Channel Management
*E-Procurement in SCM *E-Taxation *ERP and E-Finance *E-Trading
*Homeland Security: Compliances and Effects
*Intelligent Agent for E-Finance
*Internet Banking: Security and Privacy
*Interoperability in E-Finance
*IT Risk Analysis and Operational Risk
*IT Investment and E-Business
*Knowledge Management in Financial Institutes
*Location-Based E-Finance *Managing Online Trading Risks *Mobile Banking
*Mobile Payment Services *Multi-Channel Banking
*Neural Network Applications in Financial Markets
*Network ROI *Online Auction Strategy
*Online Trust *Quality Management in E-Finance
*Reengineering Administrative Process via E-Finance
*Security and Privacy in E-Finance *Strategic Sourcing in Banking
*Strategies to Motivate Brokers Adopting Online Trading
*Web-based EDI *XBRL Model

Manuscripts should be double-spaced and paginated throughout. All paper submissions must be submitted via email attachment in MS Word format (any other format will not be processed) to me at together with a brief biosketch, 1‑10 keywords and an abstract of approximately 50-100 words. Please check our web site at concerning the format, style, and guide to authors. Manuscripts could be original papers, empirical studies, literature and research reviews providing new perspectives, studies based on a synergy of electronic finance, comparative studies, or case studies. Submissions will receive a manuscript ID code, and be double blind referred.

Kindly forward this call-for-papers to your colleagues/friends who may be interested in the IJEF. Please also recommend the IJEF to your library for subscription.


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