Industrial Management & Data Systems (ISI&SCOPUS)-Call for papers

The Industrial Management & Data Systems (IMDS, ISSN #0263-5577, ISBN: 1-84544-863-4,, established in 1980, is published and distributed nine (9) printed issues a year by Emerald Group Publishing Ltd in UK. The Journal aims to improve top managerial skills by promoting awareness of new technology and related concepts and their implications.

· More than 2,000 institutions accessed IMDS online. The IMDS received 300,854 full text downloads in one year - an average of 824 article downloads per day (over 25,000 per month).
· The IMDS has an acceptance rate of 12%. Over the past year, we have experienced a steady and impressive growth in submissions. In the past 12 months, IMDS received more than 580 manuscripts.
· The H-Index (based on Harzing’s Publish or Perish software) of the IMDS during 1999-2008 is 36. On average, cites per paper during 1999-2008 = 8.09.
· The IMDS also maintains a very rapid electronic submission, review and publication process. The turnaround time and quality of review comments ranks amongst the best in the field (average of 6-8 weeks from submission to a first decision).
· The IMDS editorial board numbers 36 academics from around the globe, ranging from long established senior scholars to the next generation of leading edge researchers.
· The IMDS is included in the Thomson Scientific Links Master Journal List
· Additionally, the IMDS is listed as a very popular IS journal in the Index of Information Systems Journals at
· The IMDS journal is listed in the Cabell’s Directory in Management (

Paper submissions will receive an initial screening before they are entered into the double-blind review process. Important screening criteria include fit with the mission of the IMDS, significance of the research, and likelihood of moving forward acceptance in two rounds of review. All manuscripts will be subject to high standards of review at the IMDS.

In general, the IMDS covers:
*Accounting and Information Technology *Business Process Management *Computer Security
*CRM and e-CRM *Cutting Edge Production Research *Data Mining and Data Warehousing *DSS and GDSS
*E-Commerce and Web Services *Energy Conservation and Environment Management *Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
*ERP and Materials Handling & Distribution *Green Supply Chain *Human Resources Management
*Industry Marketing *Industrial and Organizational Management *Information Assurance and Information Quality
*Innovation & Learning *International Business; IS/IT Leadership
*IS/IT Management *Knowledge Management *Logistics Information Management *Management Innovation
*Manufacturing Strategies *Mobile Marketing and Mobile Services *Mobile Learning *Non-Profit Organizations
*Organizational Blogs *Outsourcing *Performance Measurement *Procurement & E-Procurement *Production Management
*Product Innovation and Service Innovation *RFID Technology Applications and Strategies
*Service Design, Service Operations, and Service Science *Six Sigma and Quality Management
*SME Management and Strategy *Sourcing Decision and Strategy *Strategy Management *Supply Chain Management
*Technological Innovations and Product Planning *Technology Acceptance *Video and Mobile Technology
*Virtual Community/Virtual Teams/Virtual Workers *Web Technologies *Wireless Network and Mobile Communication.

Manuscripts should be double-spaced and paginated throughout. All paper submissions must be submitted via email attachment in ONE SINGLE MS Word format file (any other format will not be processed) at Binshan.LinLSUS.EDU. The number of authors of a paper submission is limited to a maximum of 4. A maximum word count should not exceed 8,000 words, and all paper submissions must adhere to this. A title of not more than 8 words should be provided. If you do not receive an email acknowledgement within seven working days after your electronic submissions, please contact me immediately.

Be advised that a structured abstract for every paper submission is a MUST. Structured abstracts are intended to help researchers by consistently providing the most useful information. Refer the guidelines for writing a structured abstract at

Please also recommend to your library for subscription of the IMDS (see details at


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