Call for Articles! International Journal of Management in Education (IJMIE)

International Journal of Management in Education (IJMIE, ISSN 1750-385X

· The IJMIE is listed in both Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management and Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Educational Psychology and Administration, and is accepted in many universities for credit towards tenure and promotion.

· The IJMIE strives to provide constructive and developmental reviews to authors within approximately two months. To accomplish this objective, the IJMIE maintains a rapid electronic submission, review and publication process. On average, the double-blind review process for the IJMIE takes 6-8 weeks for an initial submission. The review process is designed to promote expedited reviews, developmental feedback, and a service culture of professionalism and collegiality.

· In the past 12 months, the IJMIE received more than 150 manuscripts. The current acceptance rate is 18%.

The IJMIE aims to publish papers, which analyze all aspects of international education, researchers and professionals from education have the opportunity to discuss the most demanding issues regarding the development and leadership of education at all levels and in all areas of education management. Although the possible set of paper topics is large and we encourage submission on any area within the scope of management in education:

* Analysis of political, economic, social, legal and cultural environment in education
* Assurance of learning * Autonomy, professionalism and decision policies
* Case studies from schools in different countries
* Change management and education quality
* Classroom management * Computers in educational administration
* Cost sharing in education landscape
* Decision making in education: paradigms, paradoxes, and promises
* Differing cultural perceptions of management in education
* Distance education and multimedia environments
* Education assessment * Education economics * Educational leadership
* Educational systems planning/strategic planning
* Equity and education * Establishing multilevel coherence in assessment
* Exploring access and equity in higher education
* Finance and accountability in education
* Globalization and education * Globalizing citizenship education * Globalizing the curriculum
* Information systems for education and training support
* Intellectual capital and education * Intercultural dialogue and diversity in education
* Knowledge and education * KM in Education * KM in e-Library
* Leadership in education * Lifelong learning and development of competences
* Management education for global sustainability * Management in higher education
* Management of e-education * Managing the curriculum * Marketing in education
* Mobile learning *Online communities * Organizations as learning communities
* Performance-based measurement in education
* Policy analysis and evaluation of institutions and study programs
* Professional development of teaching staff
* Promoting and sustaining innovation in higher education
* Public policies management
* Research into quality management in higher education
* Research methods in education * School and school system improvement
* School culture *Sustainability in Management Education
* Teaching and learning through gaming and simulation
* Transactional education, student and teaching mobility
* Weblog technology management & education

Manuscripts should be double-spaced and paginated throughout. All paper submissions must be submitted via email attachment in one single MS Word format file (any other format will not be processed) to me together with a brief biosketch, 1‑10 keywords and an abstract of approximately 50 words. The first page of the manuscript should contain the following information: title, name and affiliation of the author(s), address, and email address for each of the author(s). Please check our web site at concerning the format, style, and guide to authors. Submitted papers will receive an initial screening by the Editor-in-Chief before they are entered into the double-blind review process. Important screening criteria include fit with the mission of IJMIE, significance of the research, and likelihood of moving forward acceptance in two rounds of review. Each paper submitted will be subject to high standards of double-blind review procedures at the IJMIE.


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