Article Under-Review 2

Title: Intranet Usage, User Satisfaction and Managerial Performance: A cause and effect investigation

Authors: Norzaidi, M.D., Chong, S.C. and Intan Salwani, M.

Journal: International Journal of Business and Systems Research

Publisher: Inderscience

Although prior studies have investigated the relationship between systems usage and user satisfaction, the results are rather mixed and inconclusive. To fill this vacuum, this paper investigates the cause and effect of Intranet usage and user satisfaction as well as their effects on performance of managers. Data was collected from 150 middle managers from various organizations in the Malaysian port industry. The structural equation modeling (SEM) results indicate that both usage and user satisfaction significantly predict managers’ performance. Intranet usage predicts user satisfaction and vice-versa with Intranet usage having more impact on user satisfaction and both are positively related. The results provide insights on how the Malaysian port industry and other organizations of a similar structure could improve their systems adoption.

Keywords: Intranet usage, User satisfaction, Perceived usefulness, Impact of Intranet usage on performance, systems, Malaysian port industry.


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