Article Under-Review 3

Title: The impact of Intranet usage on middle manager's performance in Malaysian port industry: An empirical assesment

Authors: Norzaidi, M.D., Chong, S.C., Murali, R., and Intan Salwani, M.


This paper examines the impact of Intranet usage on middle managers’ performance in the port industry in Malaysia. Using the extended task-technology fit model, it investigates how certain factors [e.g. task characteristics, Intranet characteristics, task-technology fit, and Intranet usage] affect the job performance of port middle managers. Numerous organisations in the port industry, namely port authority, terminal operator, marine department, immigration department and royal customs and excise department constitute the population of interest. The mean test results suggest that the majority of middle managers believed that Intranet could improve their job performance. The result of structural equation modelling (SEM) indicates that task characteristics and Intranet characteristics significantly justified their variance on task-technology fit. Task technology fit; on the other hand, significantly predict usage and both significantly explained the variance on middle manager’s job performance. Suggestions are made on how the port industry could improve their Intranet adoption.

Keywords: Extended task-technology fit, Intranet usage, middle managers, port industry; Malaysia.


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