ISI-ranked journal-Journal of Computer Information Systems

Title: A Study of Intranet Usage and Resistance in Malaysia’s Port Industry
Authors: Mohd Daud, Norzaidi; Siong Choy, Chong; Mohamed Intan Salwani; Kamarudin Rafidah
Journal: Journal of Computer Information Systems
Volume: Fall 2008 (Forthcoming)


This paper examines the impact of user resistance on Intranet usage and its influence on the performance of port middle managers in an organizational context. Based on the literature review, a comprehensive research framework was developed on the relationship between perceived usefulness and usage as well as between perceived usefulness and user resistance. It also depicts the relationship between usage and performance as well as user resistance and performance. The current study also examines the cause and effect of usage and user resistance under mandatory and voluntary usage. A total of 357 middle managers from various organizations in the Malaysian port industry were sampled. The structural equation modeling (SEM) results indicate that usage significantly explains the variance on performance of managers. Perceived usefulness has relationships with usage and but not with user resistance. However, usage does not predict user resistance, and vice-versa. Practical implications are suggested at the end of the paper.

Keywords: Perceived usefulness; Usage; User resistance; Performance; Middle managers, Port industry; Malaysia.


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